Home Automation Controller Software


Three types of software’s available in the market related to the home automation controller software.


Open-source software’s compatible with multiple platforms available in the market.


These are compatible with selected home automation system devices.


Dedicated software only works with their systems and certified software to make them more user friendly and robust.

Home Automation Controller Software

List of Home Automation Controller Software

1.      Open Source Softwares:


It can work on any IOS, windows, Linux, OSX, Raspberry Pi and Android device, you don’t need to buy a separate dedicated device in order to operate and, manage them through a device. Go to Freedomotic.

Compatible with:

  • Bticino
  • Openwebnet
  • Modbus RTU
  • Z- WAVE
  • Insteon
  • Arduino devices


The OPEN remote is a free source software that offers to integrate with many devices, protocols and systems, it will enable you to control all your home automation devices.

Open remote work on IOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry pi and many more. Go To OpenRemote.

Compatible with:

  • Z- WAVE
  • Rako
  • Lutron
  • Insteon
  • Control 4
  • Creston
  • Fibaro


OpenHAB is another completely free source software that offers you to integrate with almost every hardware and protocols you installed at your home, OpenHAB run on windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberry pi, Pine6t4, Docker, you can download the app via from android and IOS to be able to control from the touchscreen or from Mobile. To know more about going to their site. openhab.

Compatible With:

  • Rako
  • Harmony
  • Loxone
  • Fibaro
  • Control
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Homekit
  • Alexa


Developed by an open connectivity source foundation, it can integrate and connect to all devices regardless of the manufacturer, run on Windows, Linux, Mac.

The app is available on IOS and Android to use via Mobile and touchscreen.

Go to their site for more information… IoTivity

2.      Closed Source Software:


HomeSeer is a closed-source software that works only with the integration of their dedicated controller, which connects with the HomeSeer software to perform and manage function at your commands related to home automation.

Seer controller and software can connect with multiple platforms and devices such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa.

Platforms and devices compatible with them are Rako, Z-wave, Lutron, Insteon and many more that can be check via their site. HomeSeer.


Developed by UK-based domain Lifestyle in 2002, the software available only with the version of PC in various categories.

The home included X10 interface which allows you to control all appliances simply by plugging them into main socket,

Domina lite interface allows you to control your devices remotely up to 30 meters.

Harmony Pro is the second version which enables vista media center and PDA /Windows mobile at your fingers remotely.

Installer Pro is the one that offers C-BUS interface, dup line interface, rako interface, CCTV Server and touch screen.

Want to further about them go to Domia lifestyle.

Apple Home Kit

APPLE HOME KIT is the first option for anyone to start with to be able to control all devices via from apple home kit, apple home kit is a complete system which has the ability to connect to the most popular devices in the market till today such as Z-Wave, Philips Hue, Control 4 and many more you can find it out via from their site. Apple Homekit.

Microsoft HomeOS

Similar to Apple, Microsoft HomeOS designed to control all devices, get them to a single channel and allows you to operate and manage them via HomeOS.


The Loxone system is built around its neat ‘Miniserver’ hardware controller.  It supports KNX switches and sensors, PC’s or touch screen, via the web interface, remote control by iPod, iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, software integration and more. Recently Loxone has added their ‘Tree’ system which reduces wiring requirements and speeds up installations.

Go to Loxone for further info.

3.      Dedicated Source Software

There is a separate article on dedicated custom based home automation system and software.

List of best Home Automation System and Software in the UK:

  • Rako
  • Control 4
  • Fibaro
  • Z- wave
  • Lutron
  • Insteon
  • Lightwave RF
  • Zigbee

These are the best and most reliable software’s so far, however the other third party software’s are available in the market, but hasn’t been tested as much as they are, therefore better to choose from them instead of untested ones.



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