Lamb samosa or Beef Keema Samosa


This keema samosa recipe is just like the one you get on streets on India of Pakistan. Keema means mince and you can make the filling of samosa with lamb/mutton or beef mince. Depending on the mince used in filling they are called beef samosa, lamb samosa, mutton samosa, or simply meat samosa.

Lamb samosa or Beef Keema Samosa

Origin of Samosa

Lamb Sasoma is love! A true entree that fits any meal or snack and has been alluring South Asian for almost 8 centuries. Samosa is a true darling that pleases all cultural variants with enormous variety in the filling ranging from meat mince, mashed potato, sweet coconut to lentil, and paneer filling. All these again come in tikka, tandoori, Chinese, cheese, and smoked flavors. What your samosa innovations?

While most people think Lamb Samosa originates from Indian Mughal Era, as Ibn Batuta describes in his travel book. It is actually from Central Asia or the Middle East. It came through the travel route and became popular when mince filled fried triangle pastries where served in the court of Delhi Sultanate by Middle Eastern and Central Asian cooks of the royal kitchen.

What is Lamb Keema Samosa?

Keema literally means mince of anything. A keema samosa is traditionally a beef samosa or mutton samosa filled with spiced mince, onion filling. With the economical popularity of chicken, chicken samosa also found it’s way to the street and frozen food sections.

Interestingly, the aloo samosa is the first love of all South Asian, the Lamb or beef keema samosa gets limelight in meat-lover Pakistan and North India only.

Lamb samosa or Beef Keema Samosa

Can you freeze Lamb or beef samosa?

Yes, you can freeze a keema samosa easily as mince filling and spring roll wrappers or samosa Patti both are freezer friendly. Just make sure the onion in the filling or other veggies is completely cooked, otherwise they might give you a stale aroma.

The onion needs only a little heat that will change the color to translucent, similarly other veggies need enough heat to deactivate the enzymes and increasing shelf life.

You can also freeze samosa Patti. Just make sure to bring it completely to room temperature before working. About 30-40 minutes. Remove from the pack and cover with a barely damp towel to keep it moist while working through the samosa folding process.

How do you fold a samosa?

How do you fold a samosa?

  1. Check the ratio of length and width of the strips. The strips should be at least 3 times longer than the width. If not, you can slice off a little width to make it properly sized. The samosa can be bite-sized, medium, or large. So it the ratio that matters.
  2. Note in step two you can see a perfect triangle underneath.
  3. Pick the right top of that triangle and fold it to match the bottom edge.
  4. Now you have a pocket to fill. Fill the pocket than fold the top to cover and roll the edges on the side for that perfect triangle.
  5. Use the flour paste to glue the edges. Try your best to seal it well and not let oil fill in the pocket while frying. Enjoy!

How to make Lamb or beef Keema Samosa?

Lamb or beef Keema Samosa

Keema Filling

  1. Take beef or lamb mince, spices, and ¼ cup water in a pot, mix well and cover it. Cook for 15-20 minutes on medium heat until the mince is cooked.
  2. Dry out any excess water on high heat if needed. Like this, mince should be absolutely dry but moist.
  3. Mix all remaining filling ingredients in hot keema immediately. The heat of the pan will cook the onions and herbs. Your filling is ready.

Tips for Keema filling

  • This is the basic and most authentic samosa filling. Do a taste test and adjust salt or spices if necessary.
  • Samosa needs a spicy filling because they are wrapped in thin roti like strips which mellow downs a lot of samosa heat.
  • If you find filling less spicy just add some Chat masala for a chat pata flavor.

Fold and fry Samosa

Fold and fry Samosa

  1. Mix little wheat flour with water to make ‘samosa sealing paste’.
  2. Check the above image to see how to fold Samosa. This makes about 14 medium samosas. Check the Samosa Patti recipe here. You can use spring roll wrappers too.
  3. Fry samosa on medium heat for 3-4 minutes until golden and crispy.
  4. Serve hot lamb samosa with imli chutney or spicy mint chutney.

Lamb samosa or Beef Keema Samosa


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